A drab, grey superhero...

A drab grey thread, right?

Not exactly heart-skippingly appealing is it.

Nothing special really... except, this drab grey thread is incredibly special. It’s extraordinary. It’s gonna help save the world, because this is our recycled organic cotton thread.

It’s deconstructed history. The thread of old tees, hoodies and jumpers, that have been saved from landfill and all the environmental damage that causes.

This thread is humble, as it’s experienced, it’s been around a bit. It doesn’t hold on to the brashness of youth. On its own, this thread isn’t strong enough to create new apparel. It breaks easily, as we all do at times, but combine it with some young, energetic organic cotton, fresh from the seed, and it becomes supremely strong and brilliantly beautiful.

This combination, is the thread that makes up every single item in our Circular Style collection. It will keep you warm, protect your skin, and you’ll look fabulously stylish whilst it’s doing it, but the best bit? The best bit is that once you’ve worn it, worn it, worn it, over and over, in years to come and it starts to look a little worn out... you can return it to us (and get a nifty fiver to spend on the website) and do you know what we’ll do with it? Why, we’ll recycle it once more, then combine it with some new organic cotton and start the whole process once again!

So, with your help, we can make sure that no thread from our Circular Style collection will ever see the landfill, ever again. Never. All you have to do is return it to us once it’s worn out.

Amazing isn’t it? Not bad for drab, dull, grey thread.

Hope it made your heart skip a few beats...

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